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Peruvian Gastronomy

24 July 2018

Nowadays, Peruvian cuisine is the maximum representation of the cultural, ethnic and geographical diversity that our country has and with which we cohabit.

To understand it better, the national gastronomy is the result of a series of variables and conditions mixed with each other that make it a special and unique expression in the world, whose particularity is the infinite combinations that Peruvians can make in our kitchens or see in restaurants.
When I refer to conditions or variables, I refer to, for example, historical factors that caused us to inherit an innumerable amount of foreign traditions and customs that we have adopted and integrated with such efficacy that they have already been incorporated into our daily menu, such as the Spanish invasion, to mention some of them or thanks to the contribution of oriental immigrants.

Wide variety of dishes

Peruvian food has experienced various evolutions due to historical events and migrations that have taken place in our territory, and the results obtained have been extraordinary and exquisite. At the beginning of this letter, I mentioned that Peruvian cuisine, in its full extent, was the product, also, of the geographical conditions in which we live. Indeed, the great variety of dishes on the Peruvian coast is as different as it is exquisite, both in the mountains and in the jungle.
The geographical conditions of our vast territory have allowed us to take advantage of the benefits that its soil gives us, and has forced Peruvians to use the extensive creativity they have to create new dishes, using fruits and plants that we can extract from the earth, and the animals that live her.

The gastronomy of the Coast in Perú

In the coastal regions, a wide variety of typical dishes based on the fishing wealth of our sea is offered. The great variety of fish that live in the Peruvian coasts, and the flora that is also found in it, make coastal food one of the tastiest of Peru and the world. We can find ceviche, sweat, suckers, and other dishes that turn our palate into a paradise of flavors.
The popular Ceviche, representative dish, is the most valued inside and outside the borders of our country, and is constituted, according to the tastes, of fresh fish, shellfish and molluscs that have made this an obligation for tourists who visit our nation For lovers of Creole food, in the north, gastronomy is characterized by the preparation of succulent kid, who have turned the meat of this animal into one of the tastiest and most representative of this area of the coast; We can not leave aside, however, the Seco de Chabelo or the Arroz con Duck and, of course, desserts such as the Kin Kong and the alfajores.

The gastronomy of the Sierra in Perú

On the other hand, in the Peruvian highlands, due to its great diversity of geographical and climatological features, we can find a spectacular amount of variety of tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and corn.
In the same way, cattle raising makes Andean cuisine even more tasty, by raising cattle, pigs, cattle and sheep. Even in some areas of the sierra of our country, llama meat, alpaca, rabbit and guinea pig are consumed. The Cuy Chactado, the famous Pachamanca, or the pork chicarrones, are the most representative and delightfully rich in this part of Peru.
Who did not taste once in his life, the tasty Humita ?. If not, go immediately to try it.
Likewise, if you have never heated up with a good Calote de Mote, Cabeza, or Patasca, what do you expect to try them out? The mountain range has been blessed with a large number of factors that allow both flora and fauna to be unique species on earth and that have been well used by Peruvians.

The gastronomy of La Selva in Perú


Finally, the Peruvian jungle, privileged by its biodiversity, makes this region one of the places on the planet that are characterized by the variety and exquisiteness of its dishes, we could even mention that when the exotic mixes with the ingenuity and kindness of nature, you can get extraordinary dishes.
In its majestic rivers we can find species as strange as refined, such as the enormous Paiche, freshwater fish and one of the largest, which dazzles the palate with the taste of its meat. Also, we can also find the famous suri, or the tasty lizard meat, or also the well-known mountain pig, better known as majaz. One of the most symbolic dishes in this area is the famous Juane that is made of rice, boiled egg, chicken meat, etc.


Also, we must mention that many fruits such as bananas are often used, or also, plants to wrap the food, as is the case of Juane. We Peruvians are known for making our meals spicey, for our countrymen from the jungle, the master and master of the spice is chili Charapita; or if we also talk about fruits whose cider serves to drink, we have the Camu Camu.


To conclude, the importance that Gastronomy has gained in our country is really remarkable from the economic point of view, and it could be said that it is a focus of important development of our society. But not only should it be evaluated in such a way, but also, Peruvian cuisine is also a manifestation that has served to strengthen our ties, and reaffirm our identity. It is the sample of how we can transform the diverse, in a single axis that all Peruvians have in common, that unites us more and more and that allows us to know Peru.

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